Our Appraisers

Quality Control is essential to the appraisal management process; at USamc, we strive for excellence. Beginning with partnerships with the most qualified appraisers in the country, we continuously rate them on their performance on each assignment and ensure that they hold a license in good standing in each state. Only the strongest appraisers remain on our panel.  Your USamc Appraisal Coordinator selects the best appraiser for the job using three main criteria: Competency, Location, and Panel Rating.

  • Competency – USamc only partners with qualified professionals with ample experience and required State and Lender credentials.
  • Location – All USamc Appraiser assigned to cases are located within 15 miles of the subject property unless special circumstances apply, such as rural/remote locations. Appraisers must have proven experience in a specific location.
  • Panel Rating – USamc panelists, or appraisers on the USamc panel, are continually tracked and rated on three main factors: quality, communication, and their ability to meet the agreed upon terms of service. All panelists must demonstrate high quality report writing and competency receiving few to no requests for revisions; they must offer constant and accurate communication to the client; and they must provide quick the turn times that USamc is known for—within 5-7 business days.

USamc abides by the USPAP competency rule by assigning appraisal orders to appraisers near the subject property to ensure they are familiar with the area and have the necessary data sources to complete those assignments. While it is ultimately the appraiser’s responsibility to determine whether they have the knowledge of the area to complete such reports, USamc does our due diligence to check the locale of the appraiser (based on the address we are provided for the appraiser) to be sure they are within a reasonable distance acceptable for completing the assignment and has the proper qualifications for that area.