Why USamc

A real estate appraisal management company provides compliance for mortgage companies for protection against accusations violating appraiser independence. An appraiser needs to view the property without influence of outside sources in order to deliver an unbiased appraisal of a property. At USamc, we are the intermediary between the mortgage company and the appraiser; we act as the go-between to intercept possible concerns that could affect the final appraisal.

USamc manages a panel of qualified appraisers across the country. When mortgage companies place an appraisal order with us, we immediately send out a certified appraiser to the property, implement sophisticated technology, and employ our team of reviewers who check lender specific requirements before the custom appraisal is delivered to the client. We refuse to cut corners to make the process easier.

Set apart by our cutting edge technology and implementation with the Encompass software, we guarantee the best mortgage appraisal management available. USamc is head and shoulders above competing appraisal management companies. When we receive clients, they are connected with a network of quality care because we value the customer, not the dollar.