Process Management

In an attempt to continuously grow our business and remain a highly rated mortgage appraisal management company, USamc constantly evaluates trends and stays current with the ever-changing compliances, regulations, and statistics within the real estate industry.

The largest difference between USamc and other AMCs is our advanced technology and communication. Our appraisal management portal is integrated with Encompass, a popular mortgage software used by many mortgage companies. Appraisal orders can be placed within the mortgage application, resulting in quicker response times. This allows our partners to stay organized and informed throughout the process. Utilizing review software integrated with the national MLS service, we save both the client and appraiser a tremendous amount of time.

In addition to our technological advancements, every loan appraisal sold on the secondary market to Freddie or Fannie is uploaded to the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP) for an automated risk review. When run through UCDP, a risk number is assessed for each property. We upload to UCDP on behalf of our lenders, review the findings, and acquire revisions so that by the time the lender gets the report, not only have we checked for value, but have also offered up cost delivered with the SSR and the findings from UCDP. This drastically improves response time and allows the client to move on in the process.

We value our clients time and resources. USamc is the best possible option for mortgage appraisal management.