Appraisal Management

From request to delivery and everything in between, USamc expertly manages the appraisal process and delivers superior Appraisal Management. Working with a fully organized Appraiser Panel, our staff proactively assigns each case to a competent panelist uniquely equipped to meet the efficient turn-around time that clients prefer.

With consistent quality and timely service at the forefront of our services, USamc offers to schedule the inspection on the appraiser’s behalf if they are unavailable to do so immediately. Clients are kept updated of all scheduling, property inspections, appraisal assignments, and reports in review.

Additionally, USamc employs the latest automated review software that not only checks for compliance errors, but also is integrated with the nationwide MLS services of testing and questioning comparable sales selection. A creditable review and well-documented report means our clients limit the risk of buying back loans from investors on the secondary market due to appraisal deficiencies.

Urgency, technology, competency, and friendly customer service are tantamount to the success of the client. At USamc, we believe that the success of the client is directly related to our own; together we will make the process of appraisal management effortless.